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Mykonos VIP Chef at secret beach

The Place: a secret private beach at the island of Rhinia next to Delos.
The Chef: Teo combines traditional recipes with imaginative concepts creating his own Lifestyle Cooking.
The Food: sea urchins, clams, mussels, lobsters and lots of tsipouro
The Concept: Feel the freedom, dive in turquoise waters, swim in a secluded crystal clear bay and learn all kinds of secrets about seafood cooking.

The ultimate gastronomical journey for seafood lovers.
Create memories to cherish forever.

The jorney begins with a traditional boat or a rib which will pick you up from the Agrari bay or Ornos bay.
You will pass from the famous south beaches of Mykonos and approach the ancient Delos, so that everyone can admire the archeological remains and feel the magical aura of the island.
Rhinia is 2 miles further, right across Delos. Your boat will moor on a small jetty. 

Teo will welcome you with a smile, a cocktail, fresh out of the water delicacies and a beach fire. 
He will show you how to open sea urchins, clams, mussels and he will share with you all his seafood cooking tips and secrets. While you swim in the crystal clear waters, Teo and his team will set the scenery for an unforgettable evening. You will enjoy an amazing sunset, accompanied by soft music and fresh seafood, prepared and cooked on the spot.
The boat will bring you back just before it gets too dark.


Price per person 295 €
Minimum number of persons 10
Maximum number of persons 24


Duration: 7 hours - 2pm to 9pm
Departs from: Agrari bay
Photos: All photos are real with Teo in action. 
What's included: Boat ride 2 ways, Sea food and drinks as below. Transfer to/from boat is not included. 


1) Almyrikia (Greek greens) scorched, with olive oil and lemon juice.
2) Cycladic salad with dako (Greek rusk), baby tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil, xinotyro (Myconian sour cheese), caper leaves and olive oil.
3) Tarama (fish roe) - white and black (made with cuttlefish ink).

1) Sea urchins.
2) Grilled mussels, served with parsley pesto.
3) Gyalisteres (clams), grilled with herbs, ginger, fresh lemon and fresh olive oil.
4) Sea bass carpaccio with olive oil and lemon juice.
5) Pina (Big sea shell), grilled with herbs, fresh lemon and fresh olive oil.
6) Octopus, grilled with olive oil and lemon juice.          

Main cources
Grouper fillet or Lobster on the grill.
lobster linguine cooked with fresh tomatoes,garlic and herbs.             

Frech fruit salad.

Greek Red and white whine, Tsipouro, Ouzo, Beers, Coca, Soda.

The menu can be altered upon request.
In case of strong winds the boat will take you to a secret beach in Mykonos.
Same Menu can be served at your villa.

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