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Private Driver in Mykonos - VIP Chauffeur Services

Our chauffeur will meet you anywhere in Mykonos and will drive you to any destination

A private driver/chauffeur service in Mykonos is a must.!

You may consider to reserve a private driver/chauffer throughout your vacation for the following reasons.

In case you're planning to rent a car:
There are many factors that make driving in Mykonos very challenging. The traffic is hectic all day and night long, many roads are badly formed or very narrow and there are numerous blind corners all around the road network. Being involved in a car accident, especially if you do not wish to count your drinks, might ruin your vacation. You should also consider that it could be very difficult to find a parking space, particularly around popular places such as Mykonos Town (Chora), major villages and almost every beach on the island.

In case you're planning to move around by taxi:
There are only thirty two taxis in Mykonos to serve many thousands of visitors during high season. Consequently, the queues for a taxi are long enough to keep you waiting for ever....

For the above mentioned reasons and for your own convenience we sincerely recommend you to reserve a private driver/chauffer. Our personal driver services provide a fleet of vehicles driven by our highly experienced drivers who will take you anywhere on the island in comfort and with safety.

Because we take meticulous care in reviewing and selecting our personal drivers, you can trust in our outstanding service and safety standards. With our drivers ready to facilitate you in any way, we ensure that your chauffeur experience in Mykonos will be beyond what you expect.


Price per person 10 €
Minimum number of persons 6
Maximum number of persons 17


Mykonos Chauffeur Services
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Our chauffeur will meet you anywhere in Mykonos and will drive you to any destination.

The price includes Chauffeur, gasoline and all taxes.
The price does not include tips. 

Prices can be negotiated per day or per week. 
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